Beautiful Packaging with Equally as Beautiful Results! NatureLab Tokyo Haircare Journey & Faves.

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I am so happy that I started my NatureLab Tokyo haircare journey in 2018 after being introduced to the brand at an Ipsy Generation Beauty convention! Immediately after using my Shine Oil Mist sample from the event, I had to try more. The feeling of hydration the oil gave my hair, without the weight of silicones and the fresh scent had me hooked. Shortly after, I tested out the Repair Line Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment Masque. All three have become must-have, holy grail products for me! After just one wash with these, I could immediately tell the difference in my hair. The Repair Line helped so much with dryness and tangles, all without causing my hair to be greasy or flat. I also was coloring my hair frequently and their products did not cause my color to fade easily all while keeping my hair hydrated and healthy.

As a Beauty Content Creator, I have the opportunity to try many brands. NatureLab Tokyo’s products are ones that I have actually repurchased time and time again. Thank you NatureLab for making these amazing products, my hair is so much happier with them in my routine!

- Joy @mycurrentfaves (Instagram/Tiktok/Pinterest)

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