A Game Plan to Repair Dry, Damaged Hair

When hair becomes damaged from dryness, heat, or abrasion, there often aren’t any quick fixes. Your best bet for healthier hair is to start a routine using common-sense practices and nutrient-rich products. Here is our game plan:

1.Trim it

The ends of your hairs are the most prone to damage, not only because of their exposed position, but because they’re the oldest, most weathered parts. They can break off or cleave creating unsightly split ends. Remove the oldest, most damaged hair by visiting your stylist for a trim at least every 8-12 weeks.


2. Wash well

Much like your skin, the longer you go without washing your hair the more dirt and oil accumulates on your scalp. And too much dirt and oil can block hair follicles and lead to inflammation which hurts hair growth. Remove excess dirt and oils from your scalp by washing frequently to keep your scalp happy.  


3. Keep it loose

The way you style your hair is essential for preventing damaged. Hairstyles that pull too tightly on the scalp cause stress and can lead to irreversible hair loss. To prevent damage be gentle with your hair and swap those tight ponytail or chignons for loose braids or low buns. If you still want a sleek styled look use water and styling cream to achieve the same look without adding tension.

 4. Air Dry

Applying heat to your hair when it’s wet causes extreme damage. Why? Each hair consists of three layers: medulla (inner), cortex (middle) and cuticle (outer). The cuticle layer is the protective layer. This layer is healthy and less likely to break the closer it is to the cortex layer. When your hair is wet the outer layer becomes raised, meaning it isn’t able to properly protect the hair. Applying heat at this time causes damage and breakage of the layer. Making the hair shaft thin and fragile and the cortex layer becomes more vulnerable to external factors and can degrade the protein.

5. Avoid sulfates

Sulfates are one of the most common ingredients in hair care products as they are the key ingredient to make shampoo sudsy. Unfortunately, sulfates are a harsh cleanser that can strip your hair of everything from important oils to artificial colors. Ditch the sulfates and opt for products with natural ingredients, like argan oil, to keep your hair moisturized and preserve any artificial color that you may have.