How To Read Your Labels. The One Ingredient to Start Using In Your Beauty Routine...Now!

Stem Cells. You’ve probably heard or seen this word but skimmed right past it because you had no clue what it meant. Luckily, we’re here to let you in on the secret. Plant-based stem cells are sweeping the beauty industry and there’s a good reason why. What are they and what do they do? Read on.


What are stem cells? By definition, a stem cell is an indistinguishable organism that is capable of creating an indefinite amount of more cells of the same type from which other kinds of cells can arise. Huh? Right. More simply, stem cells are little cells that mimic other kind of cells which they can then reproduce and restore a numberless amount of times.


Our cells die, and as we age, their ability to renew slows down to nearly a halt. Plant-based stem cells use properties from various flora and fauna to stimulate new cell growth and replenish dying cells. Unlike their controversial embryonic counterparts, plant-derived stem cells possess the ability to generate whole new plants and scientists have found a way to cultivate this power. Plus, plant-based stem cells are cruelty-free.


So, what do they have to do with beauty and why should I look for them in my products?


Plant-based stem cells are insanely good at reproducing skin and hair cells. When a tree breaks a limb, its cells work to repair and grow a new one. Similarly, when a hair falls out or a wrinkle appears, our cells also work to repair and regrow–up to a point. As time and age goes on, the number of dying and dead skin cells outpaces the production of new ones. This threatens our skin’s health and appearance. Plant-based stem cells can regenerate faster than our own cells, helping to replenish our skin and hair.


Botanical technology increases our beauty products’ ability to protect and renew our skin and hair naturally. The variety of plants used to harvest stem cells speaks to the variety of ways we can benefit from their use. Stem cells from the Edelweiss, a bright white mountain flower, have anti-inflammatory properties that creates younger looking skin. Bamboo stem cells strengthen hair, while gardenia stem cells ups the production of collagen. The list goes on.


Stem cells help our system do what it’s supposed to do and do it better. They can promote hair growth at a cellular level, improve follicle strength, maintain scalp, repair damaged tissue and organs, protect cells from UV radiation, and combat aging. Next time you’re shopping at the beauty supply store, take a look at ingredients. If plant-based stem cells are on the list, odds are you’re looking at healthier, more radiant skin and hair.


Do yourself a favor and hop on the proverbial, botanical bandwagon. Now.