How to Stay Flyaway Free

How to Stay Flyaway Free

Fall and winter may be the seasons of holidays and cozy sweaters, but the cold, crisp air and wind means it's also the season for flyaways (unfortunately). Here’s how we fight flyaways throughout the fall and winter:


1. Incorporate products formulated for frizz-fighting into your hair washing routine. Really, it works! Both our Smooth Shampoo and Smooth Conditioner contain ceramides and a blend of nutrient-rich oils that will hydrate your hair and keep it frizz-free all day long.

 image: @poosh

2. Dry your hair carefully, like with a soft, microfiber towel or old t-shirt. It's gentler on your strands and will prevent damage and breakage. Also, if you squeeze the water out of hair instead of rubbing it hair vigorously, it'll prevent your hair from falling flat.

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image: @goddess.veil

3. Detangle hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb while still wet. In short, be gentle with wet hair! If you can, avoid hot tools like straighteners and curlers, and turn hair dryers down to a lower heat. 

4. Choose smart styling products. Our very own NatureLab Smooth Blowout Lotion is designed specifically to tame flyaways and fight frizz. Use a small amount and apply from the mid-lengths to ends of strands before your blowout for a lightweight way to protect your hair from heat and help hair stay smooth, and apply more to dry hair for areas that need extra taming. Check out this styling tutorial from our brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Fitzsimons!

image: @glossedangeles

5. An easy hair hack for travel or when you’re on the go: gently run a dryer sheet over hair to smooth down flyaways. Dry air and wind can cause static to build up in your hair to contribute to more flyaways and the sheets will get rid of static electricity in your hair just like they do in your dryer.