Japan-Inspired Hair Ritual for End of Summer

As summer fades away, your hair’s natural shine has probably gone with it. While you were enjoying fun in the sun, chlorine, saltwater and UV exposure were weakening the protein bonds of your strands…which you’ve probably noticed with the increase of split ends, breakage and color fade. While it may seem like the only solution is to cut all the damaged hair off (and heck – it may even be tempting in this end of summer heat!), an improved haircare routine can help bring your hair’s shine, radiance and health back to life.

Japanese women understand the importance of a solid haircare ritual, which includes daily cleansing (with a shampoo and conditioner), a head massage to stimulate blood flow to the area and scalp care products. Inspired by these time-tested J-Beauty rituals, we’ve put together an end of summer hair ritual to help restore shine, moisture and overall health to your sun-stressed strands:


Deep Cleanse: While dry shampoos save us time and refresh the hair, prolonged use can cause buildup on the scalp and hair. The weight of product buildup and our body’s natural oils will make hair look flatter and duller – basically lifeless! Remove this residue by shampooing three times. The first shampoo is for the scalp, so focus there and rinse. The second shampoo is to begin to lift residue from the hair, so focus on the mid-lengths to ends. Your third shampoo is to lift any residual residue or product from the hair – allowing your scalp and strands to breathe.
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      Deep Condition: After giving your hair a deep cleanse, follow with a deep conditioning treatment to start the repair process. Dry the hair gently with a towel to remove excess water. Apply a quarter size amount of a hair mask and work through the hair. Leave the mask in the hair for at least 15 minutes and then rinse until the hair feels silky to the touch. Repeat this treatment once a week.
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          Style: For an additional boost of post-shower moisture and shine, use a lightweight oil mist to lock in the moisture from the treatment you just finished. Lightly spritz the hair from midshafts to ends. Follow with your normal styling routine or allow to air dry, depending on your preference.
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              Voila! Your hair is now free of product build up, properly hydrated and ready to reveal its natural shine! As always, it’s recommended you see your stylists for a trim every six weeks to remove all split ends and keep your hair as healthy as possible. Bring on the pumpkin spice & the fall layers!