Meet & Greet with Andrew Fitzsimons at Riley Rose NYC

This weekend, NatureLab Tokyo traveled to NYC with Andrew Fitzsimons, our brand ambassador. Andrew made a stop at Riley Rose inside Forever 21’s Penn Station location for a meet and greet with customers and fans!

If you haven’t visited Riley Rose yet, it’s a destination for makeup, skincare, accessories, and more-- featuring an eclectic mix of products from brands including global and indie brands, and of course NatureLab! 

Andrew’s creativity and love of his craft has propelled him to the top of the ranks of Hollywood hair stylists-- you’ve definitely seen Andrew’s work on the tresses of all your favorite celebrities such as the Kar-Jenner family, Karlie Kloss, Shay Mitchell and Adriana Lima, just to mention a few. 

Overall, the meet and greet was a success and it was amazing to be around all the enthusiasm for NatureLab and Riley Rose. If you're in NYC, make sure to visit Riley Rose's first location in Penn Station-- and if you're elsewhere, visit your nearest Riley Rose for NatureLab's clean, cruelty-free hair care and stylers!