So Hot Right Now: Five Tips to Stay Cool

In the middle of the summer, the thought of switching on the blowdryer is enough to break a sweat. That’s why we’ve asked a couple of our favorite hair experts to share their tips for staying cool—while still rocking stylish hair—when temperatures top the charts. Here’s what they had to say!



Let the Air Do the Work For You

For a heat free air-dried style, begin by towel drying your hair with a great microfiber towel like the Aquis Microfiber Luxe Towel. Always squeeze and blot the water out of your hair instead of rough-drying by tousling and rubbing it with the towel. Not only does this method help prevent breakage but it also creates less frizz on wavy and curly textured hair.

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The next step to a wonderful air-dry finish is choosing and applying the right product for your hair type. I personally prefer a crème and serum combination for curly and wavy hair. Apply products a section at a time and scrunch throughout the day while your hair dries to encourage movement.

Go Heatless: A Sweat-Free Blowdry

Sometimes a heat-free, air-dried style is not the look you’re going for, but you can’t bring yourself to blowdry. Try this “not so HOT” tip next time for a finished blow-dried style without the added heat.

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Whether your hair is straight, curly, coil-y or wavy, your blow-out may require a little heat to smooth or enhance the look you’d like to achieve. If the summer heat makes this unbearable add cold shots to your technique. Simply press your cold shot button every time you feel yourself heating up. This will give you a blast of cold air to help keep your body temperature down. Also keep the air to your blow dryer pointing away from you and down the section of hair your working on so it’s not hitting your body.


Pony Up: The Fashion Ponytail

If you want to dress up your ponytail this summer, which is typically a pretty casual look, try slicking it back and using hairspray to get rid of any flyaways on the head. Be sure to position the ponytail high on the back of the head. Depending on your hair’s natural texture, you can work the pony into a traditional braid, a rope braid or even leave it sleek and smooth. This look is great for summer parties – it gets the hair out of your face but looks a little more dressed up than just tossing your hair back.

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Perfecting the Messy Bun

No matter your hair type, a messy bun is a perfect go-to for summer. I recommend prepping the hair with a texture spray to give the hair movement and piece-y separation throughout. After you secure your bun, you may want to pull some pieces out for even more texture.

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Double Trouble: Pigtail Braids

This is a great street fashion hairstyle or an out of the face for the gym. To achieve this style, just part your hair down the middle and put each section into braids. Secure with a hair tie and you’re good to go!

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