The Japanese Hair Trends To Try In 2018

Neon pink, electric blue, double buns, Geisha updos – Japanese hairstyles are experimental to say the least. What’s taking over the streets of Tokyo this year? To find out we turned to the fashion-forward Pells Hair Salon located in the heart of Japan’s capital city. The salon has its finger on the pulse and consistently whips up trend after trend, and we can’t help but love every style that walks out of its doors. So far? In 2018 is all about being natural and the piece-y lob.

piece-y lob haircut at Pells Hair Salon in Tokyo 

Expect to see less bright yellows and pinks and more ash brown as Japanese women are opting for a more natural hair color. With the addition of muted highlights, strands are going caramel and gray. This popular color adds hues of blue and green under the brown which matches any skin tone. A big plus? Ash brown doesn’t have to require bleaching. This means less time at the salon and less damage to your hair.

Piece-y lob haircut from Pells Hair Salon in Tokyo

This year the it cut is the piece-y lob. A trend not only in Japan but in Europe and America as well, the lob is an in-between-cut that truly looks good on everyone (hence its popularity).  While the lob has been around for a while, Tokyo is making the cut edgier by adding layers that frame the face. This gives the cut texture and creates perfect messy and low maintenance waves. And let’s not forget about bangs. Adding wispy bangs perfectly complements this year’s natural wave look and leaves room to make your eyes POP.  For major movement add blunt bangs and flipped out ends.

Lob haircut from Pells Hair Salon in Tokyo 

As for trendy styles we’re seeing every variety of updos. From textured ponytails to half up buns to intricate braids - you name it, it’s out there. Currently we love this modern twist on the low bun. It’s effortlessly chic, easy to do, and works for any occasion. Want to get the look? Click here to see how.