Wabi-Sabi, Say What??!

Wabi-Sabi, Say What??!

Wouldn’t it be cool to not worry about being perfect all the time?

With the Japanese world view of wabi-sabi, you can: It’s a set of principles that celebrate the imperfect, the natural, the old and the unfussy. One popular definition is “flawed beauty.” In other words, it’s all about learning to embrace your imperfections to live a more balanced, joyful life. Some characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic are simplicity, asymmetry, roughness, modesty and appreciation of natural processes.

So how can you inject the principles of wabi-sabi into your day-to-day? Here are some ideas:


Keep your hair that’s clean and fresh without being too “done”


Choose not to cover up freckles or other skin “imperfections”


Keep your nails buffed and polish-free



Opt for a natural or matte color palette


Go to vintage stores, buy antiques or use recycled materials


Use rough, raw, uneven or rustic textures in your space



Let go of material concerns, take a trip, go outside, explore and enjoy life


Eat well-prepared foods mindfully and healthfully


Mix up your fitness routine to include things you aren’t naturally good at