What Are Green Beauty Products? And Why Are They Important?

Did you know that since 1938 there have been no federal regulations passed regarding beauty product ingredients? That’s 80 years ago! Thankfully, the beauty industry is undergoing a transformation. Consumers are calling for change by asking companies what ingredients are in their products and demanding for safer options.


So what are green beauty products?

For us, green beauty products mean no toxins and no dirty ingredients (like parabens and phthalates) that are linked to harmful health effects ranging from hormone disruption to cancer. It means using natural ingredients to see real results. It means being a friend to the planet and animals. Through research and studies we’ve educated ourselves on what ingredients we can live with and the ones we can leave behind. With smarter choices regarding beauty, we are inching toward beauty reform.


How can you join the green beauty revolution? Here are 3 things to be mindful of next time you hit the beauty aisle.


Toxic Ingredients

What you put ON your body is as important as what you put IN your body. Our skin is our biggest organ, and whatever we come in contact with absorbs into our bloodstream. Many beauty products contain trace chemicals like parabens and sulfates which unleash havoc on our bodies. (It’s even legal to use known carcinogens in beauty products!) Over time, exposure to these chemicals can lead to many health problems, including allergies, asthma, even hormonal issues and infertility. Using green beauty products reduces our chance of disease and other health inhibitors.  


Natural Ingredients

Typically, beauty products contain a long list of “dirty” ingredients that irritate, disrupt, and dry out your skin and hair. Ingredient lists can be long, confusing, and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for. A good rule of thumb? If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, odds are you don’t want it on your body. Green beauty products don’t use these harsh chemicals. Instead they use integral ingredients like argan oil and shea butter that moisturize and hydrate naturally. Using natural ingredients improves the health of your skin and hair and leaves you with peace of mind that you aren’t adding toxins to your body.


Environmental Impact

Ever wonder where those suds from your shampoo, face wash, body wash go? Or your makeup after you rinse your face off at night? They don’t just go down the drain, they seep into the environment. Toxins from beauty products are released into our water systems, oceans, and rivers, and they negatively affect wildlife. Look for green beauty products that are made with biodegradable and cruelty-free ingredients making them both environmental and animal friendly.

Do you believe in green beauty? We do.