Coco Pink Princess the 7 year old fashionista

The Best Japanese Fashion And Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow

Given the Japanese reputation for cutting-edge technology, it is no surprise that Japan has an exceptionally vibrant social media culture. Japanese influencers, celebrities, and even pets are becoming increasingly relevant on a global social media stage. Here is a list of our favorite fashion and beauty Instagram accounts to follow.
1. @coco_pinkprincess
Coco pink princess the seven year old fashionista
Japan has a resident pink princess – and she’s 7 years old. Meet Coco, the Harajuku-born fashion star who is taking street style to the next level. Everything from her flashy fur coats to her repurposed Ikea messenger bags reeks of chic and proves that style comes in all ages. With nearly half a million followers, Coco is quickly becoming a global fashion icon.

2. @watanabenaomi703

Comedian, actress, and fashion designer, Naomi Watanabe is a one-of-a-kind. She started her own label PUNYUS (which roughly translates to “chubby” in English) after gaining fame for her outrageous comedy acts. Watanabe’s whimsical designs (think pink, patterns, and pizza) are lauded by many and her must-see arena-sized fashion shows (featuring her uncanny imitation of the Lady Gaga and Beyonce Super Bowl halftime show) are beloved by the fashion world and global YouTubers alike.

3. @tokyofashion

This Harajuku-centric account showcases some of the most inventive and over-the-top fashions that the neighborhood is known for. Its street-style posts features everyday fashionistas making strong statements with plenty of unexpected colors, edgy hardware, and androgynous cuts. 


Tina Tamashiro is a 20-year-old half American Japanese actress/model. Her account shows off a mixture of professional work alongside intimate shots from her daily life. As such it strikes a balance between authenticity and curation that compliments her trad-leaning personal style. With lots of new roles and projects in the pipeline it will be interesting to see how the feed evolves.

5. @liveglenwood

This Japanese model, TV personality, and mother of two is a magnetising fashion expert. While she works mainly with high fashion imagery, she also has a knack for posting strong inspirational quotes and fashionable selfies. Her frequent use of English will give native speakers an insider look at the fashion industry of Downtown Tokyo.

6. @risa_doll_

True to her Instagram handle, model Risa Nakamura really is a doll. From her girly wardrobe to her heart-shaped, doe-eyed face, Risa exudes sweet. Her Larme style, characterized as cute-girl-meets-intellect, has gained attention in Japan, and the model is quickly expanding her repertoire into clothing design. Risa’s most recent collaboration with label E hyphen world gallery Bonbon features dark, mature tones mixed with pink crop tops that perfectly capture her unique aesthetic.

7. @montjiro

This Chihuahua is a real clothes horse. With an extensive bespoke wardrobe (and an arsenal of accessories) that would make even your most fashionable friends jealous, he channels a wide range of styles from regal to rebellious to traditional Japanese and everything in between. We especially love when he wears John Lennon inspired sunglasses.

8. @Xxmeixx1208

Nagoya-born Mei Nagasawa’s first magazine appearance was a simple snapshot. Found on the streets of Harajuku, this model has everything that it takes to be cool. Her well-curated Instagram gives us an inside look at the lifestyle of a Japanese model and strikes the perfect balance of showing her work life and real life through fun and often quirky images. Rumor has it that Mei is looking to put out her own photography book. We’re ready and waiting.  

9. @nairuuuu

Who says models can’t be artists? Modest and minimalistic, Tokyo model Nairu Yamamoto’s Instagram feed is a masterpiece. Yamamoto’s feed embodies Japanese beauty, grace and simplicity. Beautiful pictures of everyday objects and places, like a water hose or an office building, are sprinkled in with high fashion images. The model’s eye for shapes, lines, and color are definitely on point.

10. @yukos0520
Sugamoto Yuko is a former J-pop girl band member turned style and beauty idol. From her platform loafers worn with socks to her doll-like, wide eyes, Yoku can only be described as the perfect fashion mix of flirty chic and tomboy cool. Since her days as a singer, Yuko has been traveling around the world for her blog and shop TaVision. Yuko models her clothing finds on her IG and lucky for her fans, all of her outfits are sold on her site.