We Love Daiso, Here's Why...

Confession – we love Daiso. Part dollar store, part convenience store, and part novelty emporium, we can’t think of another shopping experience that makes us smile quite as much. We never leave without finding something fun, useful, or both.

Most Americans don’t know Daiso yet because they only have stores in California, Washington, and Texas. But with over 4000 stores in around 25 countries (and now almost 70 outlets in the USA alone since 2005), if the quirky Japanese dollar store hasn’t already landed near you it probably will soon.

A few standout items from last week’s visit:


Silkworm cocoon for face from Daiso

Silkworm Cocoon Ball: These facial cleansing pads are natural silk from real silk worms. Worth a try… 


Tooth Erasers from Daiso 

Happy and Sad Tooth Puzzle Erasers: Approved by the American Dental Association and educational too! P.s. pencils also from Daiso – 12 for $1.50 almost makes us want to go back to school. Almost.


Mop Sandals. Because cleaning should always be as easy as dancing.


Juice squeezer from Daiso

Fruit Squeezer: Our new main squeeze.


Gator Chomp Candy Lollipop: Dare you not to press the button.


 Mini inflatable panda pool from Daiso

Inflatable Mini Pool: Okay, this was probably the most expensive thing we’ve ever bought from Daiso – it might also be the most expensive thing they make. $8 well spent!


Candy cones from Daiso

Bing Bing Cone Snack: BING BING!


Mini tweezer from Daiso

Mini Tweezer: Who doesn’t need an extra tweezer?


Panda chair socks from Daiso

Chair Leg Socks: We wear socks so it’s only fair that chairs should too. And pandas… pandas, pandas.


Jaw Breaker Ring from Daiso

JawBreaker Ring With Gum Center: So we raided the candy section... again.


Cute erasers from Daiso

Food Eraser Set: Fooled you! These ones aren’t candy. They’re just erasers that look like candy. 


So if you're into silly things, need a fun activity, or you just like a good buy Daiso will probably be you're new favorite store and you should definitely go check it out!