Japanese Beauty Traditions

Great respect and mindfulness is at the forefront of Japanese beauty care.

As skin regimens evolve into a more complex, intricate practice, we look to geisha traditions for inspiration, where simple customs have spanned generations and result in polished and luminous skin. While a day-to-day routine is vital for clean and vibrant skin, an internal wellness is necessary for a nourished foundation. Billowing product shelves may daunt you, but taking a step back and understanding the underlying basics that bring a balanced, healthy base, will bring serenity to your personal ritual.

Cleanse and refresh for a neutral canvas.  After a cumbersome day, cleansing with a gentle wash allows your skin a moment to breathe and relax. Factors such as makeup and environmental aggressors (i.e. pollutants) you are exposed to adhere to your base and, without proper care, agitate the skin. For generations, geishas used tsubaki oil from the camellia flower to remove makeup and draw out impurities. It is gentle and holds natural qualities that promote collagen synthesis and embrace the calming approach.

Brighten with light exfoliation. Exfoliating doesn’t have to be aggressive. Remember, you’re caring for your skin not sanding paint off a wall, so a mild exfoliant in your practice is the way to go. This step rids lackluster dead skin cells from the top layer, removes further buildup, and reveals a renewed and rejuvenated foundation. Exfoliation also imparts a healthy glows and allows your moisturizer and other treatments to absorb more effectively.

Moisturize. Our bodies are dependent on hydration, whether that be through an ample supply of water throughout the day or topical treatment on your face and body.  Creams and moisturizers bring life to your skin, like an exuberant breath of fresh air.

Nurture yourself. A mindful and well-balanced diet is essential to body care. When going through life with a torturous intake of junk food and indulgent consumption, it shows in your skin. Traditional Japanese diet is clean and light, which results in a clean and light effect on the outside. Take green tea, for instance. In generations past, Japanese women steeped green tea leaves into a potent concentrate, which they then applied to acne-prone areas of the skin. Today, drinking green tea promotes a bright undertone by providing plush antioxidants, along with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Green tea purifies with each delicate sip.

Taking time to look inside to determine the burdens that cause imperfections on the outside is imperative to your beauty ritual. Then seeking proper treatment for the outside is not only vital, it is a gift to yourself.