Five Steps To Get Healthy Summer Hair

Warmer weather means that beach, lake, and pool days are right around the corner. And while we’re trying to hit the gym a couple of extra times in preparation, we’re also taking a few important steps to get our hair happy and healthy throughout the summer.

- Start Strong

Starting with strong, healthy hair is key to avoiding damage down the road. Because already damaged hair is at increased risk from the corrosive trifecta of salt, chlorine and sun, you should start the season with a trim to remove brittle or split ends. Do your best to avoid harsh treatments like, dyes, chemical relaxers and high-heat straighteners.

Healthy and cute hairstyles for summer

- V for vigilance

While your normal routine is probably tailored for your day-to-day needs, uncommon situations require an increased level of vigilance. After a beach day avoid having dry and tangled hair by using a post-saltwater treatment, like our Smooth Hair Oil, that moisturizes and detangles strands. Pay extra attention while brushing your hair. Notice any changes in texture or increased breaking and adjust styling and product usage accordingly.

- Switch it up

For most of us high-stress situations like the pool, ocean or lots of direct sunlight aren’t the norm and our routines need to be adjusted accordingly. A good place to start is before hitting the beach or pool apply products like our Volume Texture Mist that protect hair from sun damage. Also, always making sure to rinse hair thoroughly with fresh water as soon as possible after swimming and think about doubling up on your conditioning routine with a nourishing mask to further strengthen damaged strands.

Healthy summer hair

- Don’t forget the scalp!

Finally, if your hair is thin or parted don’t forget to either use products that will keep your scalp from burning or keep your hair pulled back. The last thing you want is to be perfectly tanned, with beautiful salt-kissed surf hair and a flaky, painful, burned scalp. Ouch!

- Hats are friends

Remember that a sun hat is always a good option not only for a chic statement, but also for letting your hair recover from multiple days of sun exposure. We love the supersized Le Chapeau Bomba from Parisian designer Jacquemus.

Jacquemes Le Chapeau Bomba