This Valentine's Day Celebrate Love With Respect

While so many are digging their heels into this season of love, it’s easy to feel excluded and frustrated on Valentine’s Day. This year is different–we want to celebrate love. The truth is: there are many beings in our lives who we respect and love (yourself, spouses, partners, best friends, family, and pets to name a few), and since Valentine’s Day centers around love, it’s a day to remind those we hold dear of our feelings for them. So, however you move and groove into this holiday, remember that respect is a form of love. Love yourself. Love those around you (animals included). Love your surroundings (planet and all).

Here are a few ways to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day.


Love yourself. 

Whether you are celebrating a significant other or not, absolutely make time to treasure yourself this Valentine’s Day. Our favorite ways to give self-love are pampering and improving the body. This can be done in many ways: spending time alone, getting a massage, going to energy therapy, taking an exotic bath, unplugging yourself from electricity, reading a book, buying yourself flowers, et cetera… Whatever you do, do it for yourself.  And celebrate being you! We know it can be a tough thing to do, but an easy decision to make. 

Love those around you.

“The love we give away is the only love we keep” (Elbert Hubbard). Taking care to cherish those in our lives is the key to feeling true, pure love. Here are a few ways to do just that this Valentine’s Day: buy your BFF a coffee, send your mom a card, make dinner for your BF, take your dog to the park. Put your love outside yourself and celebrate those special people (and animals) in your life.


Love your surroundings.

While there are many ways to love the humans in your life, there are always many ways to extend this open expression to your surroundings, too. Respect the artifacts in your world. Give the gift of sentimentality and honor. Commit to a cleaner earth and cleaner psyche by spending your admiration on the beloved animals in your life, treating them with love and affection, and cutting down your CO2 emissions as you walk to your closest destination. Find a way this Valentine’s to provide your Mother Earth and her most beautiful elements with all the respect they deserve.