Allure: 6 Easy Hairstyles That Totally Hide the Fact You Aren't Shampo

Can you genuinely remember the last time you washed your hair? As we spend more time inside to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, keeping track of shampoo days becomes increasingly difficult. Not to mention how it no longer really feels like shampooing is as necessary as it used to be — you're not going outside, anyway. In fact, stylists might argue that quarantine is a great opportunity to give your scalp a rest from shampoo. "I think it's a good time to focus on scalp care for sure," says hairstylist Lacy Redway.

Styling greasy hair can be a challenge, though, when hair is weighed down by oils or starts to stick to itself. But we've still got virtual meetings and online get-togethers to look nice for, so we asked several hairstylists to give us their best ideas for finessing greasy hair that you have no intention of shampooing just yet. All you'll need is a handful of key products, a couple of basic tools, and a few spare minutes.

Sleek Braids

"A slicked-back braided is a simple-yet-elevated way to make greasy hair look refreshed and stylish," says hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons. A sleek, high ponytail is the base of this style. Fitzsimons advises using a paddle brush to smooth the hair back into place before securing it with a clear elastic band.

"If your ends are dry from not being conditioned in a few days, apply a small amount of oil or a lightweight leave-in conditioner like Daily Dose Leave-In Conditioning Spray to the mid-lengths," he says. Otherwise, you can move right onto texturizing spray to "provide plump and hold to your braid." Fitzsimons likes NatureLab. Tokyo Perfect Texture Spray. (Fitzsimons is an ambassador for the brand.)