Allure: The Blow-Dry Sprays and Creams Hairstylists and Editors Love Most

Allure: The Blow-Dry Sprays and Creams Hairstylists and Editors Love Most

Of all the simple, pure pleasures in life — watching butter on hot toast melt, that first crack of a créme brulée — emerging from the salon after a fresh blowout is our personal favorite. Why? Because it's what catches the most attention — and we also happen to love being appreciated.

But you know, we're all responsible adults here, and in the real world, multiple salon visits a month just isn't in the cards or even the coins. And sometimes you'd rather not make the trip. Whatever the reason, there always comes a time when we have to do our blowouts at home. And to get that super-satisfying, just-got-my-hair-did look, it takes the right technique, and, just as importantly, the right products. Your blow-dryer is an important factor and so is the blowout cream or spray you use.

"A great blowout product, whether it comes in a cream or spray form, provides you with several benefits," explains Andrew Fitzsimons, go-to hairstylist for the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. "It can provide heat protection, smooth frizzy hair, add volume to fine hair, make the hair manageable, speed up your blow-dry time, add shine, etc." There are a ton of blow-dry aids out there and it can be complicated and expensive to try a bunch of different products, especially if you don't know whether you want a cream or a spray to do the job.

If you're lost, Fitzsimons says to remember one simple rule when you're shopping: "Typically, a blowout spray is designed for those with finer hair looking to add a bit more volume. Spray formulas are more lightweight and won't weigh the hair down. Blowout creams are typically formulated for anyone with thick, frizzy, and/or curly hair." But he warns that all products are formulated differently so pay close attention to the labels and online reviews when you're choosing one.

To make the process easier, we turned to top hairstylists, editors, and those who know blowouts intimately to find out the best creams and sprays on the market today. We've got something for every budget that will make your hair look so good, people will think you actually went to the salon.

NatureLab's Perfect Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner won a 2019 Best of Beauty Award, so you know the line is good. If you ask Fitzsimons, an ambassador for the brand, the complementing Blowout Lotion is also a gem. "I've been using this creamy blowout lotion for a few years. It's literally always in my kit because I keep so many on hand," he says. He likes it for medium to thick, frizz-prone hair.

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