Harper's Bazaar: The Best Salt Sprays for All Hair Types

Unless you are blessed by the beauty gods, perfect beach waves don't just happen. The secret to getting that tousled I-just-rolled-in-the-sand look lies in one product: salt spray.

Salt sprays are exactly that: a hair styling product formulated with salt. According to celebrity hairstylist and NatureLab Tokyo ambassador Andrew Fitzsimons, these sprays —when formulated well and used properly — give hair texture, separation, and a little lift.

But they aren't all built alike. Fitzsimons explains that a bad salt spray is basically just salt (a.k.a. sodium chloride) and alcohol. "You may see some of the benefits of added texture and volume, but it’s really because it’s just stripping your hair of all its natural moisture," he says. For him, a great salt spray combines salt with a mix of softening, volumizing, and shine-enhancing ingredients to help nourish hair during styling.


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