Beauty Store Business: How Product Giveaways Can Work

How Product Giveaways Can Work for your Beauty Business

Giveaways present lucrative opportunities for beauty brands and stores. When executed well, they allow a business to meaningfully engage with existing customers while simultaneously attracting new clientele. A good promotional event has the power to grow both brand awareness and company coffers. Contests are inherently malleable: They can be small and straightforward or extensively grandiose. Prizes run the gamut, limited only by an organizer’s imagination. Given this flexibility and potential for great payoff, it’s no wonder sweepstakes are sweeping beauty stores and social media sites. But here’s the catch: It takes a lot of work to pull off a seemingly simple giveaway. Here are expert tips for success, including pitfalls to avoid.


Beauty Store Business: How Product Giveaways Can Work For Your Beauty Business

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