Byrdie: I Found Out I've Been Washing My Hair Wrong My Whole Life

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As a relatively low-maintenance beauty buff, I’d long held the conviction that avoiding heavy products and damaging heat tools would keep my hair healthy and shiny with minimal upkeep, allowing me to reframe my laziness as minimalist self-care. Recently, however, my drama-free routine stopped working, and I had no idea why. I’d wash my hair before bed, only to wake up the next morning with limp, greasy tangles; my once voluminous mane started falling flat, despite the fact that I hadn’t changed much in terms of hair care.

I couldn’t think of any reason why my hair was suddenly seemingly unable to stay fresh-looking, no matter how diligently I cleaned it, and after a few bad hair days in a row, I had to wonder: was there a flaw in my no-frills haircare routine? In stripping down my routine, was I actually making my hair worse? And–most importantly, to me, at least–was there an easy solution to all of this? To find out, I turned to celebrity hairstylist & NatureLab TOKYO brand ambassador Andrew Fitzsimons for answers on the unexpected reasons behind bad hair days–and their surprisingly simple fixes.

Byrdie: I Found Out I've Been Washing My Hair Wrong My Whole Life - Here's Why

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