Dapper Confidential: How to Style a Quiff: 10 Iconic Celebrity Quiffs

The quiff has had one hell of a resurgence in the last ten years. For a while, it dropped out of sight, save for some dedicated rockabilly folk who kept it alive alongside brothel creepers, bowling shirts and enough pomade to squeeze a whale through a keyhole.

Now, everyone from soccer players to movie stars have sky-high styles that would make Elvis weep with pride. We decided to pay homage to the most iconic pompadours in hair history.

How to Style a Quiff in 6 Easy Steps

Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity stylist and and NatureLab. TOKYO Brand Ambassador, gave us these tips for styling a quiff: 

The key to a great quiff is starting with a foundation of a great cut. The very first thing you should do is talk to your stylist or barber about how to best cut your hair to create the quiff style that best suits your face shape.

I recommend bringing reference photos of guys with the style you like, particularly ones who have a similar face shape as you.

1. While your hair is damp, create a straight side part with a fine-tooth comb against the natural grain.

2. Apply a salt spray or texturizing spray to add texture and movement to the final style.

3. Apply NatureLab. TOKYO's Perfect Volume Blowout Jelly and blow dry hair upwards to add lift and volume at the roots. For extra volume, blow dry your hair in the opposite direction that it grows naturally – this will give you insane lift.

4. Once hair is dried, use your comb to reinforce the side part.

5. Work a small amount of pomade or clay through the hair – you can work it throughout or use your fingers to help give definition in any desired areas.

6. Finish with hairspray for extra hold.

— Andrew Fitzsimons


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