FashionWeekOnline: Haircare Award Winners

We are just going to come out and say it, no one has perfect hair. Of course we are firm believers that you can love your hair no matter how it looks, but it helps to have an arsenal of products that can help give you the hair of your dreams. From dry scalps, to kinky curl maintenance to calming frizz we have rounded up products for every type of hair concern. Can you ever really have too many bottles of hairspray or dry-shampoo? We don’t think the limit exists...

Perfect Shine Oil Mist

If you want hair that reflects the light like a diamond ring under the sun look no further than this oil mist. A few spritzes will give a head-turning shine and glossy finishes even to lackluster and dry hair. You won’t believe that you paid less than $20 for this too, it stands up to prestige shine products that cost closer to $100.

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