Glam: 9 Hacks For Gorgeous Hair Without Ever Touching A Blow Dryer

Who wants to blow dry their hair every single day, especially come summer? No one. The only issue is that hair tends to frizz in humid weather and can look unkempt if not heat-styled. When done correctly, though, the air-drying technique — yes, it’s a technique! — can leave strands with a soft bend or in pretty spirals. “Since you’re not manipulating the hair with a dryer and other hot tools, the finished result is a bit more natural looking,” says Andrew Fitzsimons, a celebrity hairstylist whose client list includes the Kardashians and the NatureLab Tokyo brand ambassador.

Want in? We asked top hairstylists to share their secrets on how to air dry hair – the right way. If you’re looking for a fuss- and frizz-free hairstyle that requires little-to-no effort, try their helpful hacks below.

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