Spotlyte: Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Stash

Few people have more makeup, hairstyling accessories, and skin-perfecting items than beauty gurus themselves, especially influencers and editors. After all, it’s part of the job. These tastemakers are often tasked with the challenging task of receiving and testing dozens of products on a weekly basis in order to recommend them to followers and readers. Though it sounds thrilling (and even enviable) at first, the quantity of new companies and trendy shades continuously developing, debuting, and evolving can quickly become overwhelming.

Based on the sheer number of products received regularly, clutter can easily take over these experts’ bathrooms, bedrooms, and/or entire living spaces if they’re not careful. Thus, many of them know a thing or two about organizing their products. In the name of cataloguing your own collection, we consulted five influencers and editors for tips. Here’s how they find space for their stuff — and how they stay sane when overcrowding is upon them!

Andrew Fitzsimons | Spotlyte

The influencer: Andrew Fitzsimons, Celebrity Hairstylist and NatureLab Tokyo™ Brand Ambassador


Spotlyte: Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Stash — Straight From Editors and Influencers

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