IPSY: Your Ultimate Guide to Styling Curly Hair

It may sound hyperbolic to talk about learning to do your hair as a “journey,” but when you’ve got a gorgeous pile of curls on your head, there’s really no other way to describe it. Growing up with natural curls can be especially tough when you don’t share your hair texture with family or friends who can help teach you how to take care of it. I know from experience: as a preteen, I remember looking at people with silky-smooth, straight hair and wondering why the same brushes and blow dryers that they used made me look like a frizzy poodle.

After years of experimenting in the mirror, reading and watching countless tutorials, and a whole lot of help from my hair stylist, I finally figured out a curly haircare routine that makes my natural texture shine. And while the thought of focusing on caring for and styling your curls might sound time-consuming, once you've nailed your own styling routine you might actually be surprised to find yourself spending less time on your hair throughout the week. 

So no matter if you're just starting your natural hair journey or looking for some new tools to throw in the mix, keep reading for 15 of the best hair tips, tricks, and products for styling every wave and curl pattern.


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