Man Repeller: Choose Your Own Adventure

I have spent that past 24 hours just sending the image from this story about GIGANTIC penguins to people, with zero context. If they aren’t subscribed to this email, big Twitter users, or penguin aficionados,  I suggest you do the same thing.

Ok back to humans. These humans have written some very fun things this week: Amalie wrote about The Little Women trailer. Newly minted 30-year-old Haley Nahman wrote about scary things and Jia Tolentino. Harling asked folks for tips on shopping vintage and looking moist. Gyan condensed the internet. Mariah listed out things that are good but then also sometimes bad. Kiki helped identify the mistake you’re going to make according to *the stars*. Natalie wrote about mushrooms. Treat your eyes to street style and super-secret single style.

Isn’t there something so relaxing about those mushrooms? Anyway, here are some picks!...


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