NewBeauty: How to Prevent and Treat Sun-Damaged Hair

Pretty much everyone other than me loves soaking up the sun (you can find me under an umbrella, wearing a hat and probably also my bathing suit cover-up, because extra protection can’t hurt right?). But for those of you who aren’t UV-intimidated, or maybe you are, but just found yourself in some super-sunny situations without a shield, your hair can suffer the consequences just like your skin. Here’s what the pros recommend when it comes to preventing sun-damaged hair, and how to treat it when it happens too.

“The sun can be both good and bad for the hair,” says Glen Oropeza, consulting stylist for Kérastase. “On one hand, vitamin D can help hair grow; on the other hand, excessive sun exposure can dry out the hair and make it more prone to breakage, especially if your strands are already dry and damaged. We also have to remember our scalp, because a sunburned scalp means a damaged hair follicle. It’s very important to protect both.”

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