NY Mag: The Best Shampoos for Fine Hair, According to Hairstylists

Fine hair is made of up strands that are smaller in diameter and less porous than those of other hair types, which means it can get greasy fast and show oil at the roots more readily — unless it’s frequently washed. And all that washing makes “a good shampoo an essential” if you’ve got fine hair, according to Fred Connors, the owner and creative director of FRED Salon. Marco Santini, the co-owner of ION Studio agrees, noting that a proper shampoo is actually all you need to keep fine hair looking its finest. “You want a good shampoo, and that’s it,” explains Santini, who recommends looking for shampoos that are nourishing enough to keep fine strands from drying out but not too moisturizing that they’ll weigh them down. Not all fine hair is created equal, however — sometimes its dyed, or damaged, or even curly — so we turned to Connors, Santini, and five other experts to find the best shampoos for all types. Below, their picks, which include shampoos for texturizing and volumizing fine hair as well as ones formulated for chemically treated hair and to help remove product buildup.


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