Soompi: How To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Shiny: Tips Idols Swear By

You know the moment. Your favorite group is about to have a comeback, and all you’re waiting for is for them to show up at the airport or outside of their agency so you can start betting on their new hair shades. While I absolutely love to play guess-your-idol’s-next-hair-color, I can’t help by wonder: how do they keep their hair healthy after so much coloring and styling? While I constantly dream about dying my hair pink, I also ask myself, is there a secret to prevent your hair from basically falling out after constantly dying it?

Well, our prayers have been answered, because thankfully, idols are not ones to keep the secret to themselves. From apple cider vinegar rinses — yes, you read that right — to weekly intensive hair masks, here are a few tips and tricks idols rely on to keep their beautiful hair healthy and shiny, and some recs on the products that can help you reach your #hairgoals.


"Soompi: How To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Shiny: Tips And Tricks Idols Swear By"

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