The Zoe Report: 11 Unisex Beauty Products My Husband Always Hogs

The best thing about working in the beauty industry is, without a doubt, the opportunity to sample new skincare, makeup, and hair care products as they’re released. As a writer, it's my hope that my experimentation efforts eventually help you make better beauty choices — but so far, it seems the person who’s benefited most from these test runs is my husband. He’s a bit of a product junkie (we have that in common) and always manages to appear in my office just as I’m about to open a freshly-delivered package, lingering until I agree to pass some samples his way. These 11 unisex beauty products my husband always steals (and hogs) are now his go-tos — and I have to say, he has great taste.

He gravitates towards minimalist packaging design (honestly, his #shelfie is chicer than mine), so aesthetic is important. But to earn Evan’s full stamp of approval, a product has to check a few utilitarian boxes, too: It has to smell good; it has to be easy to use; and, of course, it has to actually work. Once a hair, skin, or body care product has been Evan-approved, I’ll usually give it a go myself. I’m never disappointed.


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