TotalBeauty: The Absolute Best Hair Care Products for Blondes

Whether the "blondes have more fun" saying is true or not, there's one fact you cannot deny: Blonde hair typically requires way more maintenance than many other hair colors (though red is right up there, too). Whether it's blonde-gone brassy or blonde-gone green, a struggle to hydrate due to processing, or attack of the roots, the upkeep seemingly never ends. Luckily, we asked a handful of hair pros what products are best to keep your blonde looking its absolute best.

NatureLab Tokyo Repair Treatment Masque, $16

NatureLab Tokyo Repair Treatment Masque, $16 

Naturelab makes another great conditioner for dyed blonde hair and it's one that celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons swears by. He says, "As someone who regularly bleaches his hair, this treatment mask is my go-to for keeping my hair moisturized, soft and shiny. You can use it once a week after your normal shampoo and conditioning routine, or leave it in longer to deeply moisturize your strands."

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"TotalBeauty: The Absolute Best Hair Care Products for Blondes, According to Pros"

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