The 6 Commandments For Perfect Hair

Maybe you see washing your hair as a routine task you shouldn't dedicate more than a few minutes to. After all, it's just about getting your hair clean, right? Think again - shampooing is so much more: it's about taking special care of your hair to strengthen it and make it shiny and healthy-looking.

Think of it as a beauty ritual. Like all sacred practices, there will be a few commandments that may be new to you. But don’t worry, we're going to walk you through the right way to wash your hair. Step into our confessional and find out whether you are free from follicular sin (or not).

Mujer joven se lava el pelo

1. Thou shalt use the correct product

It sounds basic, but not everyone obeys this commandment. In an interview with Byrdie, famous stylist Andrew Fitzsimons explained that "The most basic mistake people make is not using the proper hair care products." The NatureLab TOKYO ambassador also explains that the key is to research and test products.

Most importantly, he recommends not to fall for products labeled for ‘All Hair Types’ "There are so many different hair types out there, so it's important to experiment until you find your perfect fit," he insists.

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