Yahoo: The Secret to Shiny Hair Is Scalp Scrub and the One You Need

When it comes to hair care, NatureLab Tokyo’s products have become my go-tos. The Japanese beauty brand doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, sulfates, or parabens in its formulas — instead, the company relies on “botanical technology” and clean ingredients that help keep strands healthy and happy. After turning me on to its volumizing shampoo and conditioner, I’ve started using a few more goodies from the line, including this clarifying scalp scrub.

The Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub is one of NatureLab Tokyo’s latest additions that’s meant to “remove product build up and impurities to reveal a natural shine.” The color-safe scrub is made with tons of nourishing and gentle ingredients like grape stem cells (revitalization), hyaluronic acid (hydration), pearl extract (antioxidant), and platinum fiber (for a lustrous finish). Plus, it uses sugar crystals for a light exfoliation that won’t damage your tresses. The product is part of the brand’s “Perfect Shine” collection, which is meant for dull hair — NatureLab Tokyo claims that “80 percent of consumers saw an improvement in hair luster and shine in 30 days” after using its products.

"Yahoo: The Secret to Super Shiny Hair Is Scalp Scrub, and This is the Only One You Need"

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