Here’s How To Keep Your Color Brighter, Longer

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Maintain your color all season long with a little help from our Repair Collection.

Fall is a great time to dye your hair — and whether you opt for a moodier, darker tone or a cooler blonde to brighten long winter days, you’ll want to keep your color vibrant (and your hair healthy) between salon visits. The key? Keep your locks hydrated and strong with our Repair Leave-in Treatment Masque, then nail down a color-safe daily routine that prevents frizz, protects your hair, and adds shine.
In The Shower
To protect and boost hair color, we love our Repair Shampoo & Conditioner Duo. You can use them both daily to keep your color strong and vibrant. Plus, they’ll strengthen and protect damaged hair without weighing you down with ingredients like prickly pear seed oil, argan oil, smart keratin & Bamboo-Stem Technology.

Then, once a week, go all out and slather your hair in our Repair Treatment Masque. It will fully restore your hair because it penetrates the strands to rebuild body and revitalize shine. It’ll also give you a shiny protective layer that keeps your color on point and frizz to a minimum. Now that we’re working (or atleast working out) from home, we like to leave our mask on for even longer by applying it to damp hair then leaving it in while we Zoom or sweat through an at-home yoga class. The longer the better!
Before You Style
If you work from home but are still blow drying or heat-styling your hair, you deserve an Academy Award. Seriously. But before you pat yourself on the back, make sure you’re pre-treating your hair before using any heat. Damaged, dry hair will make your color look dull and lifeless before you know it. We like our Smooth Blowout Lotion before styling because it’s really lightweight, adds instant shine, and acts as a detangler. It has Yuzo Ceramides to guard against frizz and a deeply penetrating exotic oil blend of Argan, Baobab and Marula Oils offers for all-day moisture.
On Your Way Out
Going somewhere? Don’t forget your mask—and your Shine Oil Mist. A quick spritz will enhance the look of your color and elevate shine because it’s made with light-reflecting Platinum Fibers-infused and literal pearl extract. It will make any style look instantly smoother and sleeker. As a bonus, our hair mist will keep your hair hydrated and nourished with antioxidant-rich Stem Cells and will even protect your hair and color from heat and environmental stressors like wind and snow. 
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