New Year, New Hair


See how our Repair Collection can rescue damaged hair before the new year.

Even in 2020, the holidays are always one of the busiest times of the year. With all your focus on decking the halls, shopping for last minute gifts, and attending (virtual) parties, caring for your hair might have taken a backseat. And of course—that cold winter weather isn’t doing it any favors. Not to worry. To get your hair in a healthy place before the New Year, look to our Repair collection. Ready to get your hair back in shape for the new year? Here’s how:

Make Your Hair Stronger with Repair Shampoo 
The first step in any repair routine is to switch out your shampoo. Our Repair Shampoo gets the repair party started by addressing the root cause of most hair damage: the scalp. Lather up to protect, strengthen, and restore your hair and scalp. You’ll add luster and shine and might even notice new healthy hair growth! 

Hydrate Thirsty Locks with Repair Conditioner
Like a green smoothie for your hair, routine use of our Repair Conditioner can bring overworked, color-treated hair back to life. The formula boosts vitality with bamboo stem cells and wraps around your strands to condition and shield hair from UV and heat damage. 

Reverse Damage with Repair Treatment Masque
When your hair’s in need of serious hydration and repair, make our deep conditioning mask your new bff. Three to five minutes is all it takes! The formula has smart keratin technology that strengthens hair plus, antioxidant-rich Argan and Prickly Pear oils for mega hydration and shine.

Prevent Frizz & Split Ends with Repair Leave-In Treatment
If you style or color your hair often, you’ll love how easy it is to repair and protect your hair with our Leave-In Treatment. Like a cross between a leave-in conditioner and hair lotion, this mist speeds blow-dry time, and provides easy, daily protection and prevention from heat tools and environmental damage like cold weather. Bonus; it has rich, smoothing Cupuacu butter for all day conditioning.

Now that you’re ready to quickly reverse winter hair damage with our Repair Collection, it’s time to tackle the rest of your intentions for the new year. Don’t forget the champagne!

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