Scalp Detox 101

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We all know how important it is to exfoliate our face to prevent breakouts, clean out those pores, and remove any build-up. But oftentimes we forget that the scalp is simply an extension of the face that also needs deep cleaning on a regular basis. Flaky, itchy scalp is a sign that it’s time for some TLC, but overall maintenance is important for everyone. Here’s how to get it done. 

What’s a scalp detox, anyway?

A scalp detox is like a facial for your scalp—it involves brushing and/or using an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and clear any product build-up from the hair follicles. Since it’s difficult to look at our own scalp, we usually can’t see what’s going on up there, but dandruff or discomfort can let us know it’s time to go a step further than shampoo and conditioner. 

Where to start

The first step in scalp detoxing is as simple as brushing your hair every day—before going to sleep, pre-shower, when you wake up in the morning, or whenever you have time. Brushing helps to get things moving and removes debris—it also distributes the natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands to hydrate the entire hair shaft. Pro tip: Don’t be afraid to get all the way down to your scalp while brushing to ensure you’re really stimulating the hair follicles.



Once you’ve got the brushing down, one of the best ways to detox is by using a product like our Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub. It’s a gentle foaming sugar scrub with probiotic sake water that exfoliates the scalp and removes environmental impurities, leaving it fresh and cleaning out the follicles. And it’ll give your hair so much shine! Use it once a week in place of shampoo, massaging into your scalp and down to the ends of your hair in a circular motion. 

Maintenance mode

In addition to brushing hair and using a scalp scrub regularly, a simple and super relaxing technique we love is head massage. While it won’t exfoliate the area, regular head massages keep the scalp healthy (and can improve hair growth) by stimulating blood vessels and promoting circulation. Here’s to a healthy scalp and strong, shiny hair!

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