The Science of Healthy Hair

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With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, we’re feeling extra lucky and definitely looking out for those four leaf clovers here, there, and everywhere. But when it comes to healthy hair, it’s just not about luck—it’s all about science. Hair care is a very precise art, a careful combination of technology, formulations, and testing. At NatureLab. Tokyo, we take it one step further by utilizing the best of nature to create clean products that really work. Here’s a little rundown on the science behind the magic, and what really sets us apart. 

Nutrient Rich Technology

NatureLab. Tokyo is the perfect marriage between top cutting-edge science and the best natural elements. Our use of botanical stem cells makes it possible to tackle the problem at the root instead of just temporarily covering up the symptoms. Did you know that apple stem cells revitalize the scalp and support longer hair? Or that grape stem cells act as antioxidants that reduce hair damage? Pretty cool stuff. And those are just two of the many nutrient-filled ingredients you’ll find in our products. 

Botanical Science

It turns out that plants are actually quite potent and can be even more effective than manufactured components. We’ve uncovered nature’s ultimate hair care hack by sourcing the most powerful plants, isolating and concentrating their active nutrient-rich stem cells, and infusing them into clean, performance-driven formulas. 

Clean Ingredients

We always say “no thank you” to the yucky stuff—sulfates, parabens, phthalates, we’re looking at you. But beyond that we actually add in natural ingredients that visibly improve the health of your hair, like exotic oil blends, hyaluronic acid, rice protein, and yuzu ceramide, among others. We like to keep things clean and uncomplicated by using what’s available in the natural world. It’s better for you and it’s better for your hair. 

Cruelty Free

As far as we’re concerned, our furry friends are just that, friends, not experiments. We never test any of our products on animals and never will. 

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