5 Hairstyles to Try This Festival Season

Festival season is upon us! It can be tricky creating the perfect festival hairstyle that is simple, durable and still appears effortlessly chic. Here is a list of our five favorite no fuss styles that are guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Hair-rings

This ultimate diy accessory adds a bit of edginess to any look. We love how Ariana Grande decorated her signature ponytail by layering small hoops right down the middle!  To pierce your hair at home all you need are some hoop earrings. First twist your strands into any braid you want - fishtail, french, dutch - then weave in the hoops. Mix it up by playing with different hoop sizes and colors.

Ariana Grande Decorates Her Signature Ponytail With Cute Piercings

2. Knot-Out

Knots are the perfect progression style -- great for the second day at the festival when you’re tired of wearing your hair down. To get the look split your hair into two (or more) sections. Take one section and twist until you have a single tightly twisted rope (all the way down to the scalp). Then coil outwards from the base and secure with a bobby pin or two. Bonus, when you take the pins out the next day you’ll have the perfect messy waves.

Iris Law styles hair in cute knots

3. Go undercover  

Silk scarves are the perfect accessory to elevate any look. They can also help hide greasy hair. They key to mastering this look is picking the best style of scarf, we recommend starting with an easy-to-use twilly style. They can be used as a headband tied in the back (for an Italian riviera inspired look) or in the front (a la turban style). Alternatively use a square scarf, folded in half and tied under the chin for instant retro-chic. Lastly, use as hair tie by wrapping around any style of bun or pony.

Cara Delevingne in dolce and gabbana silk scarf as headband

4. Clip it

If you grew up as a 90’s baby you probably remember wearing these insect inspired hair accessories. Butterfly clips are back but with a slightly updated look (hint hint no more cheapy plastic ones). Our favorite way to rock them is to pull back sections of hair and clip them at the top. Click here for a few festival approved options that are on the market.

2018 Festival hairstyle trend to try are mini butterfly hair clips

6. Double Dutch

This classic style still has our attention. This is a great option that will last you for a few days and only look better they more lived in they are. Create by parting hair down the middle, making two sections. Clip back one section. Starting at the top the top of the other section french braid your hair until you reach the nape (remember to keep your braid close to the scalp). One you reach the nape continue with a normal braid. Secure with a hair tie and repeat on other side. To finish, pull braids to relax the look. For a twist add a pop of color with fun hair ties or semi-permanent dye.

Trendy festival hairstyle to try are double dutch braids