Fashion Week RoundUp - The Best Japanese Inspired Looks

It’s no secret that Japanese style is next level. With a variety of subculture styles (from minimal to rocker to Harajuku), Japanese fashion is more advanced and often speaks to a younger generation. Not surprisingly, Fall 2018 fashion looks have taken on a Japanese influence. From Japanese artists to Japanese models to Japanese designers, Paris, Milan, London and New York took inspiration from the minimal to the outright loud. Here are some of our favorite Japanese influences we saw at the 2018 fashion weeks.

Ami and Aya Suzuki in Dior at Paris Fashion Week 2018 



In Paris, beloved Japanese model Kozue Akimoto visited the runway in January during couture week. This past week she has been in the audience of many including Givenchy and Ann Demeulemeester. The fashionista made herself known with signature blunt bangs and hair pulled in a sleek pony, plus she sported a gorgeous monochromatic dress.

Kozue Akimoto in Chloe at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Designer Maiko Kurogouchi also brought Japan to Paris. The fall collection for Kurogouchi’s brand Mame was inspired by Charlotte Perriand, the first female fashion designer to explore Japan. Her first time showing at Paris, Kurogouchi offered some pieces that sang Japan, like plays on traditional Japanese coats and kimono fabrics.

Mame Kurogouchi Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at Paris Fashion Week  

On the streets we saw Japanese pop duo (and actual twins) Ami and Aya Suzuki, known as Amiaya, turn heads with their matching electric pink bobs, chromatic fur coats, and plush scarves. The Instagram world, and us, are currently obsessing over these two who are taking the meaning of twinning to a whole new level.

 Ami and Aya Suzuki on the streets at Paris Fashion Week 2018

Japanese fashion brand Comme des Garçons put on a whimsical show with lots of lace, flowers, and frills. Think Princess Bride meets Great Gatsby meets Moulin Rouge.

Comme des Garçons Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at Paris Fashion week



Milan saw all of the heavy hitters come out: Prada, Coach, Fendi–they all were there. Most notable? Gucci. Gucci Designer Alessandro Michele took style inspiration from all over the globe, Japan included. In his opening remarks, the designer thanked Japanese anime artist Chikae Ide for his inspiration and artwork. Several of Gucci’s sweaters feature Ide’s anime drawings. The show also included hats and masks from around the world and we saw kabuki inspired masks take the stage. Gucci seemed to hit every street-style note. The show was eccentric, full of bright colors, and relied heavily on logos.

Ide’s anime drawing on Gucci Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at Milan Fashion Week


At London Fashion week, we saw heavy Japanese street-style influences, especially from line Nicopanda. Nicopanda hit so many facets of signature street style, we wonder how it didn’t come directly from Tokyo. We saw oversized coats, t-shirts, and sweatshirts that reflect Tokyo’s XXL lifestyle. Nicopanda also gave us plenty of layers in crazy patterns which are more styles from Tokyo.  another style from Tokyo. Nicopanda teamed up with Tommy Boy (a Japanese street favorite!) for some serious athleisure looks, as well as logo-like, emblazoned, hot orange beanies.

Nicopanda x Tommy Boy Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at London Fashion Week


New York fashion week showed a lot of Japanese influences. ADEAM, the line designed by Hanako Maeda, brought east and west together, as Maeda lives both in NYC and Tokyo. The collection was inspired by Japanese Modern Girls, whose flapper-esque, non-traditionalism attitudes leant to feminine touches among some industrial pieces.

Adeam Fall/Winter 2018 Collection at New York Fashion Week 

But Japan was not seen in just the clothes. The Row, designed by The Olsen twins, was heavily inspired by Japanese modern artist Isamu Noguchi. The models walked among 13 Noguchi sculpture, proving that simplicity and elegance are here to stay.

 Isamu Noguchi sculptures on the runway of The Row Fall/Winter 21018 Collection at New York Fashion Week