5 Heatless Hairstyles For the Summer

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Taking a break from your favorite heated styling tools will not only make getting ready in the summer easier, it’ll also give your hair a much needed break. Without the constant use of hot tools, your hair will experience less heat damage and any breakage and brittleness that’s introduced from heat. This summer break will also give your hair time to heal from any heat damage you're currently experiencing. 

While for some of us conquering a heatless summer may be challenging, it’s the perfect time to embrace your natural hair and texture while trying our new hairstyles. 

Need a little inspiration for your summer looks? Take a look at our favorite heatless hairstyles.

The traditional half-up half-down with space buns

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The traditional half-up half-down hairstyle is just that — traditional. Spice the look up a little with space buns. This easy to accomplish look is great for any hair type, but it will really show off the texture of those with beautiful curls. To give your curls a little love, apply a quarter-sized amount of our Perfect Texture Curl Cream to damp hair. Gently scrunch and shape your curls before adding in the space buns.

Bubble braid front pieces

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If your hair is lacking texture without using a heat tool, any hairstyle to increase volume while adding a little texture can help you throughout your heatless summer. These bubble braids can easily be done by anyone. All you need are small rubber hair ties to create the “bubbles” and voilà! You instantly have a chic and fun hairstyle. 

Smooth out your hair before completing this look with our Perfect Shine Oil Mist. A few mists will provide moisture to your hair as well as an irresistible luster and mirror-like shine.

Add a headscarf to your look

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Whether you’re wearing your hair in a low ponytail or letting your natural texture shine, a headscarf will always amplify any hairstyle. Use it to cover your entire head by tying it in the back, or fold it to as thin as it will go and tie it on your ponytail. 

If you’re opting to wear your hair down, we know that frizz is something we all worry about during the summer time. Use this multi-tasking mane tamer as a styling aid and as a finishing touch to prevent flyaways and encourage your hair to stay in place. 

Goddess Braids

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Protective hairstyles are equally as important as heatless hairstyles. Box braids are protective hairstyles. Goddess braids are the soft version of traditional box braids. They feature long, rope-like, cornrow-style braids that lie flat along the scalp with curly ends. It requires low upkeep and is perfect for the warm summer weather ahead. 

Since this hairstyle is a longer lasting one, using a product that will work to repair, nourish and hydrate your hair is key before braiding begins. Our Repair Leave-In Treatment is a unique blend of rich oils and vegan keratin that does just that. 

Slicked back bun with a side part

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A slicked back bun is always a good idea. It is perfect for any dress up or dress down occasion. All you need is a comb, brush, hair oil, and hairspray to get the perfect slicked back bun. If this is your preferred hair style, switch it up a little by doing a bun with a side part one day and middle part the next. Both are classic looks, perfect for the summer. 

Achieving the slicked back bun of your dreams can’t be done without the Perfect Smooth Hair Oil. Its deeply penetrating blend of Argan, Baobab, and Marula Oils will strengthen and moisturize your hair for long-lasting, frizz-free manageability. It’s the perfect product to keep flyaways back as well.

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