BEYOND THE STRAND: Embracing My Unique Hair

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Growing up with dark brown hair in the Midwest, I always felt a sense of uniqueness amidst a sea of blondes and light browns. My texture just seemed frizzy, but when I was twelve years old, I went into a real salon for the first time, and the hairstylist informed me that I didn’t have frizzy hair, I was just brushing out my curls. She styled my hair with my back to the mirror, and I remember her turning the chair around and seeing my curls for the first time and I immediately fell in love!

However, like many, my relationship with my hair evolved over time. In my early twenties, the emergence of grey strands led me down a path of constant dyeing, resulting in dry, lackluster locks. It wasn’t until I decided to embrace my natural hair, silver strands and all, that I truly found confidence in my appearance. Letting go of regular dyeing revealed a newfound vibrancy and diminished frizz, breathing life into my curls.

Today, at 44, my hair routine reflects a balance between care and convenience. Washing my hair 2-3 times a week, I indulge in a weekly scalp scrub and rinse, relishing in the rejuvenating sensation it provides. Switching between Perfect Smooth Shampoo and Perfect Repair Conditioner has transformed my shower experience, infusing my routine with a burst of energy akin to my morning coffee.

One of my favorite products in my haircare arsenal is the Sake Rinse, offering a refreshing treat for my scalp. Paired with the Perfect Smooth Shampoo, its invigorating Yuzu scent awakens my senses and kickstarts my day. These products have become staples in my routine, elevating my haircare experience to new heights.

As someone with curls, I've learned that embracing the unpredictable nature of my hair is key. While I still return to the salon for highlights and a trim twice a year, I've come to accept the occasional frizz and the natural ebb and flow of my curls. It's all part of the journey.

For those on a similar path, I offer two pieces of advice. Firstly, prioritize your shower routine. Treat your hair to a weekly masque and embrace the moisture it provides. Secondly, learn to go with the flow. Some days your curls will defy expectations, and that’s okay. Embrace the journey, embrace the frizz – it's all part of what makes you uniquely you.

In embracing my curls, I’ve discovered more than just a hairstyle; I’ve found confidence, self-acceptance, and a deeper connection to myself. My hair journey continues to evolve, but one thing remains constant: the love and appreciation I hold for my curls, each strand a testament to my journey of self-discovery.
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