Harpers Bazaar: Understanding Scalp Health For Better Hair

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'Scalp health' is the beauty buzzword du jour for good reason; the length, lustre and health of your hair depends on the skin that covers your head.

With stress and pollution levels consistently creeping up and up, it's hardly surprising we've all got scalp issues on our mind. Research by Philip Kingsley indicates that 42 per cent of the UK population are conscious about a scalp issue, while Space NK reported a 196 per cent growth in its 'scalp care' category in 2020.

As both a celebrated hairdresser and a certified trichologist, Guy Parsons is an industry authority on the subject. Recognising that many of his clients' scalp problems were often at the root of their hair concerns, he likens your scalp to "the flower bed and soil from which your hair grows". Speaking to Bazaar, Parsons explains everything you need to know about your scalp to encourage long, thick and healthy hair.

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