How to Get Long, Luscious Locks


The ongoing struggle to get our hair to migrate down past our bra strap is real. If you’ve ever tried growing your hair out, you know how difficult it can be, especially if you have curls or color-treated hair. While there isn’t really a way to speed up growth at the root, there are some key things you can do to make your strands stronger and healthier, which will in turn eliminate breakage and increase length. Here are simple hacks you can try at home. 

Massage for the win

While treating the hair itself is really important, we often forget that hair growth actually starts at the scalp. A simple scalp massage on the regular will stimulate blood flow, strengthen roots, and even deliver some light exfoliation—all of which helps with growth. Plus, it feels so good!

Cool it

A nice hot shower is a beautiful thing, but it’s not so great for your hair. Instead of heating things up and stripping away moisture, try a nice cool rinse every time you wash and condition—it will help strengthen follicles and ensure the hair cuticle is closed.  

Eat your heart out

The key to longer hair isn’t just in your head, it’s also in the foods you consume. Healthy fats and antioxidants are two important diet upgrades that can have big effects on your mane. Healthy fats like omega-3s found in salmon, flaxseeds, and walnuts work hard to nourish follicles. Antioxidants are also great, as they help mitigate the effects of aging, keeping hair healthy and strong. 

Trim, trim

It can be really hard to want to get regular cuts when you’re trying to grow your hair out. We get it. But it’s actually super important for getting your desired result. When you go too long between cuts, split ends start to appear, and they begin moving up the hair shaft causing breakage.

Take care

Try to protect your hair as much as possible. This can look like cutting back on heat styling, shielding your hair from the sun, and being gentle when brushing and detangling hair. Pro tip: brush before washing instead of after the shower when hair is most delicate. 

Treat your tresses

Nourishing hair masks are a great way to strengthen and lengthen your locks. Try our Perfect Repair Treatment Masque for deep conditioning that takes damaged hair from dreary to divine. 

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