How to Keep Textured Hair Healthy

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Our perfect texture collection is finally here and we want to chat all about keeping those gorgeous locks healthy and beautiful. It’s no secret that caring for textured hair can be a learning curve, but these simple tips are sure to help you see positive results! 

Quality over quantity at shampoo time

If you have textured hair, over washing may not always be your best friend. Shampooing a couple times (or even once a week) may be your ideal schedule.omits ring how much you’re cleansing your hair will ensure you’re not stripping it of natural oils that help keep it healthy and shiny. And when you do cleanse, make sure you’re using a gentle, natural shampoo that will help give your hair some much needed hydration. 

Deep condition on the regular

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it is so important: MOISTURIZE! Textured hair tends to be drier than other types, leading to breakage and dullness. As often as you can, aim to generously apply a rich moisturizing treatment. Consistency is key here. Pro tip: after applying, cover hair with a plastic shower cap—the heat will help to activate the treatment even more! 

Practice good sleep hygiene

How you treat your hair at night is just as important as what you do with it during the day. Sleeping on your hair can cause tangles and breakage and even more dryness. To avoid this, gather hair into a high pony at the crown of your head before retiring. And make sure you’ve treated yourself to a silk pillowcase or hair bonnet— corton will suck the moisture right out of those strands! 

Protect when possible

It is very helpful to keep any disruptive factors from coming in contact with your hair. This might seem silly, but touching your hair too much can have a very negative effect. Try to minimize heat, as it strains the strands. And shield from the elements (sun, cold, wind, chlorine, etc.) by using hats, scarves, and swim caps when possible.

Don’t be afraid of a little snip snip 

A regular cut can go a long way in keeping hair healthy. It will clean up split ends, brittle bits, and single strand knots, while breathing new life into your style, so don’t be afraid to keep a regular trim schedule. 

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