HUDA Beauty: Hair Stylists Spill The Best Products To Heal Hair

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Can’t make it into the salon? The quarantine struggle is real, but that doesn’t stop color from fading, split ends from forming, and an overall mane meltdown from occurring. That’s where the pros come in. These hair repair experts are here to help make lackluster locks luminous again and basically give your hair the DIY spa day it deserves.

If you’ve been relying on the same shampoo, condition, repeat routine, it might be time to switch things up, product-wise. There are scalp scrubs and apple cider vinegar rinses for itchy patches, miracle-working treatments and smoothing brushes for flyaway realness, and a slew of other one-two punches to set a bad hair day good again. The best part? All products can be purchased online, so you don’t have to break your social distancing standstill for vanity’s sake.

To Fight Frizz

“The best way to combat frizz is to add moisture back into the strands,” says Fitzsimmons. “I love cocktailing an anti-frizz conditioner, like NatureLab Tokyo Smooth Conditioner, $14, with an oil, like ORS Essential Coconut Oil, $6. Leave it in your hair (bonus points if you wrap it in plastic, or put on a shower cap) for about 20-30 minutes as a deep conditioning treatment. Not only will it help with frizz, but it will leave your hair luxuriously shiny, soft and moisturized.”

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