Ipsy: The 15 Best Hair Masks for Repairing Damaged Strands

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Dry hair got you down? All hope is not lost. Everything from genetics to too much heat styling can lead to damaged hair, but with the right moisturizing hair products and a little TLC, you can get back to happy, healthy hair in no time. 

And if you have noticed more breakage and split ends than usual, it’s time to haul out our favorite haircare classic: a hydrating hair mask. Think of a hair mask like moisturizing facial: it's a deep-conditioning treatment that helps revive damaged, dull hair in a matter of minutes. 

Want to treat your hair to a moisturizing hair mask, but aren’t sure which one’s for you? We've compiled our list of the 15 best hair masks for damaged hair to nourish every hair type, from thick hair to thin. Read on to find the best hydrating treatment for you, and get ready for shiny, healthy hair.

NatureLab Tokyo Repair Treatment Masque:

The best ingredients for damaged hair come straight from Mother Nature herself. This nourishing hair masque features a variety of hydrating botanical ingredients like strengthening bamboo stem cells, moisturizing argan oil, protective keratin, and antioxidant-rich prickly pear oil to bring dehydrated, damaged hair back to life. Work into your hair from root to tip, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and ta-da! Brittle, frizzy tresses are transformed back to soft, healthy, and touchable health.

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