Let’s Talk About Hair Loss


Why it happens and how to treat it

There’s no one reason for hair loss, which means there’s no one way to treat or prevent it. Sometimes it’s easy to pinpoint the reason for hair loss and other times, the problem is more complicated and hair regrowth can take a lot of time and patience. For now, let’s walk through why hair loss happens and what you can do to reverse it as well as treat the hair you have.

Hair Loss vs. Shedding

Did you know it’s totally normal to shed between 50 and 100 hairs a day? It is! But there’s also something called excessive hair shedding that happens when you shed more than you should. After a few months of excessive shedding, you might think you have hair loss. Hair shedding is triggered by things like a traumatic event or medication change and usually resolves itself in 6-9 months. Hair loss, on the other hand, is more permanent. Hair loss can be hereditary, a result of aging, or from something that’s damaging your hair like harsh chemicals. With hair loss, your hair won’t grow back unless the cause of the hair loss stops. 

Look Back For The Cause

Since your hair grows in cycles, you might not notice hair shedding right away. It can sometimes take months after a routine change or incident for hair loss to actually show up enough that you’ll notice it! To find the cause, look back over the last few months for changes in your lifestyle. Things like weight loss, hormones, trauma, and illness all have the potential to stop hair from being formed properly.

Study Your Products

Lots of men and women experience hair loss from harsh hair care products and chemicals. If you notice little bald spots or have scalp irritation, look deeper into your hair care routine to make sure you aren’t using anything overly irritating. If you’re afraid to make a bad hair product choice, stick to gentle products with plant-based ingredients and take care of your scalp. As we always say, hair care starts at the root.

Have Patience

The best way to treat hair loss is to be proactive and have patience. Remember when we said hair growth happens in cycles? That also means you won’t notice regrowth right away. It can take your hair a year to grow 6 inches when everything is normal. While you wait, make sure you practice healthy hair care and treat your scalp like you would the skin on your face. Eat a balanced diet and take vitamin supplements if you need 

them. Stress is a huge hair shedding trigger so try to find a way to manage stress in your daily life, like with meditation. 

Treat Damage

While there isn’t a fix-all for hair loss and shedding, you can reverse damaged hair and treat your scalp by overhauling your routine with our new Repair Gift set. You get a complete set of our restorative Repair shampoo, conditioner, treatment masque, and leave-in treatment.

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