Mamies Skin Care: Top 12 Best Japanese Shampoos

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Ahhh shampoos

What would have happened to our hair without you?

You can always make your hairdo look great with expensive serums and creams and salon appointments. However, if you really want your hair to look awesome, we all know that it starts in the shower with a good bottle of shampoo. 

Now, if you want to have the best-est mane out there, try out Asian shampoos, particularly the Japanese shampoos! Japanese beauty products are all the hype nowadays, and many people swear by their effectiveness, especially on their shampoos.

A bestseller and an Amazon’s Choice, the Prefect Repair Duo from NatureLab Tokyo is a damage ending set which protects and strengthens weak strands for both virgin and color treated hairs. 

The hair products feature an infusion of Smart Keratin which brings extra protection and strength to the deepest layers of your hair while the stem cells derived from bamboo plan helps extend the lifespan of your hair’s growth cycle, strengthening your hair from the inside out. 

In addition, the shampoo and conditioner include prickly pear and argon oil that helps protect your hair from the environmental damages and pollution as well as shielding your hair from the harmful UV rays and free-radical damage, restoring it to a healthy look and feel. 

Both shampoo and conditioner are free of mineral oil, gluten, parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals which not only damage your hair but also to the environment. Thanks to botanical ingredients, NatureLab offers you an effortless hair care perfection!

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