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We’ve already sang our praises for talented celebrity hairstylist, Marty Harper, in a previous blog post. So you can imagine how excited we are to have him as NatureLab.Tokyo’s new brand ambassador. We’re continuously inspired by the beautiful work he does and the vast expertise he brings to the table. We sat down to ask him which of our products he loves and uses on the regular. Here are his top picks. 



Perfect Repair Treatment Masque


“When you need to reset your hair intentions, I grab the Perfect Repair Treatment Masque. This product is packed with nutrients and hydrating properties like argan oil, bamboo stem cells and prickly pear oil. Your hair deserves these levels of restoration and repair, so set your weekly intentions by using this masque and your hair will thank you.”


Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub


“All things hair begin at the scalp, so it’s important to use products that will build a perfect foundation for beautiful hair. I’ve been drunk in love with this sake water scrub since I first laid my hands on it. It foams on the scalp while it gently removes impurities and dead skin cells with sugar, grape stem cells, and hyaluronic acid!”


Perfect Texture Leave-in Treatment


“This is my go-to product for all hair types. It's light, effective, creates great texture and smells divine. I love this as a base for any style as well as a styling finisher especially on loose waves as it will soften the style.”


Perfect Shine Hair Oil Mist


“Shine bright like a diamond with platinum fiber and pearl extract. This is the only oil mist that I use to add that glassy and glossy shine without weighing it down or leaving a greasy appearance. The technology knows just how to deliver the perfect balance and finish.”



Perfect Volume Texture Mist


“This is the most versatile product in the entire Perfect Texture line, it graces every client, every texture, and every strand of hair. I use it from prep to finish as it’s lightweight, moisturizing and creates a supple and soft texture on its own. I love to use this as a refresher for all styles, as well as to separate waves and curls as I spray in hand and break up styles.”


Perfect Texture Curl Cream


“If your curls are not full, bouncy, and defined you’re obviously not using the Perfect Texture Curl Cream. This product defines and refines curls without weighing them down. It’s light and encourages every curl to live its best life. There are so many hero ingredients but Camellia Oil is my big call out! This omega 9  strengthens the elasticity while deep conditioning the curls to negate frizz. It’s le crème de la crème of curl creams.”

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