Need Help With Your Dry Scalp? Try This…

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Ahhh winter. The season of snowy getaways, bundling up, and…..dry scalp? It’s no secret that the season’s cold temperatures and dry weather can wreak havoc on hair, but it can also do a number on our scalp too. (Hint: it might be what’s causing the itch). And a healthy scalp is not only more comfortable, it’s also a key factor in getting that healthy, shiny hair we’re always after. 

While we all know how important it is to exfoliate our faces and our bodies, many of us often forget that we have to extend the same attention to our scalp. Just like our skin, it can become clogged and lead to chronic scalp and hair issues. So what’s the answer? Scalp scrub. It’s the easy extra step that’s worth adding to your haircare routine—especially during the winter. 

What Is Scalp Scrub?

Let’s start by talking about what scalp scrub actually is. It’s a mask-like product that helps to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin cells, oil, and dirt. For a lot of us, that right there is all we need to hear. 

Why You Need It 

The products we use on our hair aren’t always made to also benefit the scalp. That can lead to build up that clogs hair follicles. Exfoliation keeps the hair healthy and lets the scalp breathe. Adding scalp scrub to your regular haircare routine will help deal with flakiness and promote blood flow, which in turn prevents dandruff, relieves itching, and stimulates hair growth. 


How To Use It 

Different scrubs can be used in varying ways, but since NatureLab. Tokyo’s Perfect Shine Clarifying Scalp Scrub is a 2-in-1 scrub and shampoo, it is best used once a week in place of your shampoo. It’s applied to damp hair from scalp to ends and massaged in a circular motion before rinsing. And voila—get ready for a healthy scalp and hair that shines for days. 

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